Operating Facilities

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary has a dedicated procedure suite equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for treating a variety of conditions. Many minor procedures that are normally done under local anaesthetic can be performed at our own facilities, without the associated costs of hospital and bed fees. All procedures requiring general anaesthetic are always performed at accredited hospitals.


We pass these savings directly on to our patients, reducing your overall costs. Upper Blepharoplasty surgery, small volume liposuction, retracted nipple correction and most scar revisions are just some of the procedures that we can safely perform at our facilities. For procedures that require a higher level of anaesthetic cover or a full general anaesthetic, Dr Kumar operates at fully accredited private hospitals throughout Sydney. This ensures that our patients have only the highest level of care for their procedure and the safest possible environment.

Having our own operating suite is of enormous benefit for patients with skin cancers or other lesions that require treatment. In most cases, we will be able to treat you within a very short time of your consult (if not on the same day), bypassing wait-lists in the public hospital and avoiding private fund excess charges. Not only does this give our patients peace of mind as soon as possible, but it also allows for their General Practitioners to get these results more quickly and arrange any further follow-up without delay.

Following your procedure you can order a meal or a drink to be delivered from Taaza, our partner café, while you relax in our recovery room before making your way back home to continue your recovery.