Travelling Patients

Patients from all over Australia as well as overseas have come to us to be treated by Dr Kumar. As Dr Kumar only operates in Sydney, we have prepared the following guidelines for patients who are thinking of coming to Sydney for their operation.

Contact our staff to organise a phone or Skype Consultation

During your consultation, Dr Kumar will assess your requirements and discuss which procedure is most suitable for you. This preliminary assessment will form part of your overall assessment procedure.

A phone consultation fee of $150 is charged and your booking is secured upon receipt of this payment.

To arrange a phone consultation please call the following numbers:

NSW and Interstate patients: 1300 26 77 26 ( local call rate)

International: +612 9572 7727 (international rates apply)

In order to plan your surgery and be able to give you an opinion of your options, we require you to send us some photos of yourself . Please take these photos with multiple views – front, sides and oblique – and either email them to us or load them up via our website contact us page. Our receptionist will be happy to guide you if you have any concerns.

Fill out and return a registration form that we will email to you.


Book and Confirm your Surgery Date

Once you have booked in for surgery, we will advise you on when you should travel to Sydney and how long you should plan to stay after the operation. You must have someone accompany you for your surgery as you will need them to take you home as well as potentially help look after you in the early days after the surgery. This support person can be a family member or a good friend. If you are having difficulty organising this, then please let our team know and we can arrange for a nurse to accompany you (extra fee).

When you book a date for the surgery, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit. Once this is done, a surgical information pack will be sent through to you which contains all information in detail about your upcoming procedure.


Arrange your Accommodation in Sydney

Dr Kumar performs most of his surgery at East Sydney Private Hospital for interstate or international patients. The hospital is located close to the CBD and easily accessed from the airport

Hotel accommodation is available, at a discounted rate, next to the hospital at The Sydney Boulevard Hotel. If you are interested in staying here please call the hospital reception on (02) 9001 2000 and ask for a discount code.

A guide for the approximate number of days you will be required to stay in Sydney is listed below.

Breast Augmentation: 1-2 days prior to your surgery date and for 5 days afterwards.


Reduction/Lift/Revision Surgery/Tuberous Breast/Asymmetry: 1-2 days prior to your surgery and for 7 days after.


1 day prior to your surgery and stay 8-9 days after.

Mummy Makeover

1-2 days prior to your surgery then 3 days in hospital followed by 10-12 days stay in Sydney.


Arrive in Sydney

On your arrival, prior to your surgery you will need to see Dr Kumar in person to determine the final touches necessary regarding your surgery. At this time decisions such as measurements for breast implants, choice of implant size etc will be made. This consult is crucial for your surgery and is the continuation of your phone consult. You will be unable to proceed for your surgery without this consult.

Prior to your surgery it is paramount that you avoid smoking (nicotine) for a minimum of 6 weeks (preferably longer) and any anti-inflammatory medications or potentially blood thinning supplements such as fish oil, ginseng or ginko are ceased at this time as well.


Day of Surgery

You will arrive at the hospital and spend time before your surgery with our anaesthetist who will take a history and examine your fitness for a general anaesthetic. You will also meet some of the staff that will be caring for you.

If you are having a procedure that is a day-case then you will be required to be picked up by your support person. This is part of our hospital policy and they will not let you leave unaccompanied after a procedure requiring a general anaesthetic. A private nurse can be arranged for you should you not have a support person but this is at an additional charge to you.


After your Surgery

A post-operative visit will be scheduled for you prior to your leaving for home. Your incision sites will be reviewed and dressings changed as appropriate. A comprehensive package of post-operative instructions will also be given and discussed with you as well as any dressings that you may require.

Further post-operative visits or reviews will be arranged with you at this time, which may include phone consults or further reviews in our rooms or a combination of these.