Event Schedule

Our internationally recognised stylist Zarife Hardy’s wardrobing workshop is an event of fashion and fun for 8-12 people. Bring along a group of your friends for an evening/afternoon of informal discussions and a glass of bubbles with Zarife. A former etiquette/deportment teacher at June Dally Watkins, Zarife has had a long career in fashion, including owning her own fashion agency and accessories range. More information on Zarife’s workshops and services can also be found at her personal website.

Style Workshops

Learn how to add some extra style to your look, whatever your size, age, preference or budget. On the agenda will be current trends, wardrobe solutions, body shapes and discovering your personal style. Each attendee will receive a personal body shape analysis. Discover how to make your look come alive. Leave frustration and stress behind with tips and tricks on how to successfully shop and dress confidently for your shape.


Professional Digital Headshots

Join Zarife, At First Sight Photography, and Elle – a specialist makeup artist – for a stylish and professional headshot session. Is your profile picture in need of an update? With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of ourselves and our businesses, it is more important than ever to be seen in the best possible light.

You will be scheduled for a 2-hour session which includes your make-up being done by Elle, a styling session with Zarife and a photographic session with Kari-Ann. The end result will be an outstanding headshot beautifully styled that represents you in the best possible way! You will walk away with two digital headshots to upload into your digital world.

First impressions count, even in the digital arena – make your picture shine!


Style, Deportment & Etiquette Workshop

Do you know how to hold yourself with great posture and poise? Do you enter every room with confidence? Do you sit in a chair, get in and out of a car and walk into every occasion with style and sophistication? Whether hosting a meal at home or dining out, there is much to know about correct table etiquette. Once mastered it is a skill for life and will ensure you are fit to dine with anyone. What do your clothes say about you? Unfortunately we do judge a book by its cover and we do it very quickly. The clothing choices you make can say so much about you. Make sure you dress for your body shape and discover styles that suit and empower you.