Décolletage and Ageing Neck

Your Concerns

What Common Signs of Ageing Can be Seen on the Décolletage and Neck?

As with all natural ageing and repeated exposure to the sun, your skin becomes thinner. When this happens to the already delicate skin on your chest, the outcome can be uneven skin tone, your skin can become blotchy, leathery, thick and can start forming wrinkles.

What Can Māyura Do to Help?

Many of the treatments that we apply to your face can also be applied to your neck and décolletage. The methods that we use even out your skin tone and improve the texture of your skin, improving it overall. Our dermal therapist at Māyura will develop a treatment plan by working with you and your concerns.


Improving Youthful Texture

Dermal fillers can be used to improve volume and texture in your skin. Dermal fillers hydrate the skin and form collagen, which produces a rejuvenated and fresh appearance.


Uneven Skin Tone

With skin cell damage caused by repeated exposure to the sun, melanin production can be increased. Melanin is what gives skin its colour. Increased melanin can produce blotchy tone, pigmented lesions, hyper-pigmentation and red skin tone. Our dermal therapist will recommend Collagen Induction Therapy. This can help reduce uneven skin tone and correct the signs of ageing. We would recommend that you have a minimum of three sessions if you are treating the décolletage.


Everyday Skin Care

At Māyura, we use Aspect Dr which is medical-grade skin care. You can use medical-grade skin care in between your treatments as a regime to reduce the visual signs on your décolletage and neck of sun damage.

You can expect to see a breakdown of pigmentation, reduction in redness and improved texture.