Ageing Hands

The sun is a formidable force when it comes to ageing the fragile skin of your hands, neck and décolletage. Because they are so delicate, these areas are often one of the first parts of your body to noticeably age. Māyura has cutting-edge technology which can reduce further damage to these areas and treat visibly affected areas. Speak with our dermal therapist at Māyura to discuss treatment options.

Your Concerns

What Would Cause My Hands to Age Prematurely?

As with most ageing, extended exposure to the sun in addition to the natural ageing process leads to you losing collagen and volume over time, causing premature ageing.

What Are Some of the Common Signs of Ageing on the Hands?

Overexposure to the sun, and the natural ageing process, can cause your skin to show wrinkles, textural changes, unwanted age spots and protruding veins.

What Can Māyura Do to Help?

The skin of the hands is as important as any skin on your body. Many of the treatments that we apply to your face can also be applied to your hands. The methods that we use can even out your skin tone and improve the texture of your skin, improving it overall. A skin specialist at Māyura will develop a treatment plan by working with you and your concerns.