Age Spots and Sun Damage

The irreversible damage that the sun can do to our skin tends to become more apparent as we age. Age spots, or ‘liver spots’, occur on the skin as a darker area of pigmentation and generally appear on areas of the body that are most commonly exposed to the sun, such as the face, shoulders and on the back of your hands.

Your Concerns

What Causes Age Spots?

Over time, prolonged and regular periods of sun exposure damage the cells in the body that give your skin its complexion and colour, these cells are called melanin. UV light from the sun or tanning beds speeds up the production of the melanin and over time the cells can ‘clump’ together to form what we see on the skin’s surface as age spots.

What Are the Effects of Excessive Sun Exposure?

Prolonged and regular sun exposure may put you at an increased risk of:

  • Premature ageing
  • Cellular damage
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin cancer
  • Broken vessels
  • Redness

When Should I Schedule A Skin Exam?

Scheduling regular skin examinations with your doctor should be a part of your general skincare regime, this is increasingly important if you have had any skin cancers in the past or if you’re someone who spends lots of time in the sun. If you notice any new discoloured spots or changes in the colour and size of any existing spots or moles, make an appointment with your doctor immediately to have it examined.

How Can Māyura Help?

Some simple lifestyle changes can go a long way to avoid the irreversible damage that the sun can cause. We recommend that you try to stay out of the sun for extended periods of time and regardless of how long you’re planning to spend outdoors, always apply sunscreen just in case.

For age spots or other areas where you feel time has taken its toll, there are many cosmetic treatments and skincare products that are available at Māyura, and our dermal therapist would be more than happy to have a consultation with you to discuss any concerns that you may have.