Acne can leave you lacking self-confidence. At Māyura, our range of acne and acne-related treatment programs will address not only the causes but also the symptoms of this common skin condition. We will then create a specialised treatment program that is specific to your skin type, for optimal results.

Your Concerns

What Is the Cause of Acne (Acne Vulgaris)?

A combination of physiological factors contribute to acne formation.

Hormones, particularly during puberty, trigger sebaceous glands to produce excessive sebum. This excessive sebum then mixes with bacteria to clog follicles. The outer layer of the skin then starts to thicken which in turn leads to inflammation and acne.

Are There Other Factors That Can Contribute to Severe Acne?

A combination of physiological factors contribute to acne formation.

Your genes also have a part to play in this condition. Skin cell proliferation, sebaceous gland activity and size are all hereditary. All of these contribute heavily to acne proliferation.

When Are You Most Likely to Get Acne?

The hormonal changes that occur during adolescence provide the ideal environment for acne to emerge.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

Acne presents as open (i.e. whiteheads) and closed (i.e. blackheads) comedones. Lesions may also become inflamed and have the appearance of red pus-filled pimples.

What Are the Long-Term Risks of Acne?

Scarring and pigmentation marks are the most common long-term changes with acne (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). These can be painful both physically and psychologically.

What Causes Acne Scars?

During the acne inflammation process, irritants can sink deeper into skin dermis, this leads to acne lesions and scars.

How Can Māyura Help?

Our specialist will tailor our acne treatment program to address your specific concerns and relate these to your skin type, symptoms and severity. Our aim is to provide you with an approach for long lasting results and minimisation of scars. In particular we aim to:

  • Clear the lesions
  • Reduce and control the inflammation
  • Encourage your skin to heal
  • Collagen Induction Therapy can be beneficial in smoothing out the effects of acne scarring

How Long Do the Treatments Take?

The initial stage of treatment may take up to 6 weeks which will be followed by a maintenance regime including medical-grade home treatments to keep your skin in excellent condition.