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Tuberous Breast Surgery

Tuberous breast deformity has had many names, including constricted breast, tubular breast, and ‘snoopy breast’. Unlike regular breast reshaping or breast augmentation, with tuberous breasts, it is important to release the constricting ring of tissue as well as redistribute the existing breast tissue in a natural way to promote better breast shape and associated implant coverage.

Breast augmentation: correction

Tuberous Breast Surgery Technique

Correction of tuberous breast deformity is one of the most challenging aspects of aesthetic breast surgery, and often requires multi-staged surgery to get the optimal result desired.

  • In mild cases, where the breast is small, a breast augmentation with an implant may solve the problem. A mastopexy is usually added to correct the breast herniation and enlarged areola at the same time.
  • In severe cases, where the patient has little breast skin / volume, a staged procedure is used. A tissue expander is initially inserted to recruit extra tissue along with scoring of the tight breast tissue. In the second procedure a permanent implant is inserted and mastopexy is performed.
  • In women with large breast with a high fold, correction can be accomplished by a breast reduction procedure with release of the constriction of the inframammary fold.


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Dr Rohit Kumar

Dr Rohit Kumar is an Australian trained and fully certified cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Dr Kumar completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree in 1995 at the University of Queensland. He subsequently went on to successfully complete a Masters Degree in the field of Burns Surgery in 2004 – MMedSci (Burns)

His advanced surgical training commenced in the specialty of General Surgery in which he trained for four years. This gave him a solid foundation of technical knowledge and surgical perspective upon which he then built his considerable skills, once he commenced his advanced training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The Australasian training scheme in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is one of the most thorough and rigorous in the world and upon successful completion of this training, over a period of ten years, Dr Kumar was awarded his Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – FRACS (Plas).

He thus brings over 15 years of surgical experience to his practice having been involved in over ten thousand procedures in that time.

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