Dr Kumar is an Australian trained, fully certified cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He has over 15 years experience and has performed over ten thousand surgical procedures.

Dr Kumar is well published and a highly sought after speaker at national and international conferences. He has been on expert panels for the Queensland Government, and is part of the Expert Advisory Board on cosmetic surgery for Vogue magazine.

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Dr Kumar strives to achieve the most natural looking results possible for his patients, using subtle and state of the art techniques. Watch the video below to hear Dr Kumar explain the different types of breast lift procedures and implants that he can offer you, depending on your individual breasts and the condition of your skin.

Communication is the key to great results

Dr Kumar will answer all of your questions and alleviate your concerns before embarking on your breast rejuvenation journey

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A breast lift, or mastopexy, restores a firmer, shapelier breast, which will improve body contours and give the breasts a perky, youthful appearance. Multiple techniques exist that can fulfil your goals with minimal scarring. For patients who require more volume as well as lift, then the augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants), is the operation of choice. If less volume is desired, then the lift can be performed in association with a breast reduction.

Periareolar (Benelli) Mastopexy

This type of breast lift is limited to women who require small lifts of the nipple ~ 1 cm to 2cm. It is often combined with a breast implant for best results.

Vertical Scar Mastopexy

This operation leaves a similar lollipop scar to smaller size breast reductions, and is suitable for breasts with moderate laxity and reasonable skin quality.

Inverted T Mastopexy

This operation is suitable for breasts with severe laxity, and nipples that have dropped significantly. The resulting scar is the same as used for larger breast reductions.




Rosa Primerano

Dr. Kumar is a Cosmetic genius. After meeting Dr. Kumar in June, my life has changed dramatically. It has been 2.5 weeks post surgery, and I cannot express my utmost happiness with the results so far. After performing a Breast Lift and 360 Circumference Body Lift, I can honestly say I have never smiled so much with the how my new body looks.

Dr. Kumar's professionalism, and sincerity is more than you can ever ask for in a doctor. Dr. Kumar and his staff, have always been helpful and so knowledgeable with any questions that needed to be answered. Dr. Kumar's work is truly that of an artist to the female anatomy. I strongly recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery in any areas. I cannot thank Dr. Kumar and Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary enough for the amazing experience. Look no further as Dr. Kumar is the doctor that will make sure your smile does not leave your face.


Maya OZ

The service and people working at the Sanctuary are great. It’s exactly a year from my mastopexy now and I am very thankful to dr Kumar and the rest of the staff.

The reason I give a 4 rather than a 5 is due to my weight loss which happened prior to the surgery the quality of my skin and lack of fat impacted the results. This is my fault however as I didn’t highlight that tightness was more important to me than size as I believe that being tighter my chest size would be smaller but I did not mind. He did also provide me with complimentary led sessions around my scars due to bad pigmentation which worked a treat. When I can afford it I do want to redo my surgery but I do not see why I wouldn’t go back to dr Kumar as he was very accommodating. Just next time I will be more clear with what I want as no doctor can read your mind!


Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary was tailor-made with the patient in mind. With gorgeous well appointed rooms, state of the art technology, a dynamic team of professionals and service that is second to none, no expense has been spared to provide you with one of the most luxurious, relaxing and beautiful clinics in Australia.


Dr Kumar was recently featured on Channel 7’s program Sunday Night, about his work repairing the botched jobs of dodgy, underqualified surgeons performing complex plastic surgery procedures. A proper plastic surgeon has been trained to the highest of standards of technique and safety by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and has their qualifications approved by AHPRA and the Australian Medical Council. Nearly all doctors calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ do not!


All breast lift patients receive our Sanctuary Experience Package, including complimentary teeth whitening, a haircut and blow dry from John Bailey, a consultation with our stylist Zarife Hardy to help you choose clothing for your new body shape, and 15% off all anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers at our medispa.