Smile series: an insta-famous smile

Smile series: an Insta-famous smile

Let’s face it, we all envision being that perfect model on a toothpaste ad. The goal to become more like what we are in our dreams is more obtainable and easier than we think. But it all revolves around the smile that brightens the whole image. There are many elements that affect smiles, both in cosmetic and functional views. We’re going to cover them all in this, our special three-blog ‘Smile’ series.

The first thing you notice when someone smiles is their teeth. Braces, though – less attractive than crooked teeth. Thankfully the dental Gods smiled on us, blessing the dental industry with two inconspicuous products: Invisalign® and Cfast™. Invisalign® is a set of aligners that clip onto tooth-coloured attachments on your teeth and move them progressively over time which can take up to two years. Cfast® are clear ceramic braces with a white wire so there is minimal visibility – this system takes roughly six months. These cosmetic procedures are safe and aesthetic but are not always suitable for people who require orthodontic specialist treatment.

Frenums are tiny muscle and tissue attachments under the top and bottom lips, and the tongue. In most cases frenums blend into the gum but it is not uncommon for some to be more prominent. In severe cases, they limit the movement of of the lips and tounge and it can also cause a gap between the two front teeth which can not be resolved with orthodontic treatment without the removal of the excess tissue.

These cases can result in a “gummy smile”. Fortunately this can be resolved easily at a qualified dentist or surgeon with laser surgery – known as a frenectomy. Patients usually patients recover with minimal post-operative pain, but experience dramatic changes. Dr Nidhi Berera, principal cosmetic dentist at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary, operates the latest technology laser machine available for use on patients as part of their treatment, if needed, and is a certified Invisalign® and Cfast™ provider.
Before & after with Invisalign

Before & after with Invisalign

Coming up… Cosmetic touches to improve your smile.
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