Anti-Wrinkle & Teeth Whitening Package

Australia’s First Annual Anti-Wrinkle and Teeth Whitening Package

Annual Package Pricing

Annual Package pricing is available for the following areas:

Forehead – $900
Crows feet – $1300
Frown lines ( including brow lift) – $2300
Premium Package – all three areas for $3500 per annum*

*for terms and conditions please see the FAQ section

Anti-wrinkle & teeth whitening package

At Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary we believe that anti-wrinkle and injectable treatments should be done confidently with guaranteed results every time.

Our patients have the confidence knowing that they will be injected by a plastic surgeon intimately familiar with facial anatomy and as a result you will receive very targeted approach tailored to your face. This ensures that you will be given the exact amount of treatment that suits you and that you will have a beautiful natural result without looking too frozen or ‘overdone’.

While anti-wrinkle injections usually last for 3 months or so, there will be times that you will need a top up earlier or you may need to look your best for an upcoming event and only want a small top up.

Our Annual package takes this into account and with one convenient yearly payment all your anti-wrinkle treatments for the next 12 months are included. You’ll have as many top ups as you need when you need it.

As an Australian first teeth whitening is also included in this package. After a consult with our dentist* all eligible patients will receive 12 months of Opalescence teeth whitening trays to ensure the perfect smile all year round.

Also included in the package is a 3D skin assessment with our expert dermal therapist to ensure not just the perfect smile but perfect skin and generous discounts are available for any treatments you may decide to have in our medispa.

Beautiful skin and a beautiful smile on an ageless face, let Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary turn you into a triple threat.

Single Visit Package

For those of you new to anti-wrinkle injections and fillers we offer a special introductory package as well.

Combine your anti wrinkle injections with teeth whitening and receive 10% off your total price. Please see below for terms and conditions.

Treatment Areas

Green – Forehead lines
The forehead lines are the horizontal wrinkles of your forehead that deepen with advancing age.

Blue – Frown lines ( including eyebrow lift)
The frown lines are wrinkles that extend between your eyebrows extending to your upper nose. Sometimes the main lines are called your “number 11’s” An eyebrow lift is achieved by targeting the muscles that lower the eyebrow and can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing “opened eye” appearance.

Yellow – Crows Feet
These lines are wrinkles that extend out from the corner of eyelids.


What is included in the Single Visit Package?

10% off your total fee when you book for teeth whitening with Dr Berera and Anti-wrinkle injections and/or fillers with Dr Kumar.

Are there any conditions for the Single visit Package?

Both treatments need to be taken within 2 weeks of each other (in any order).

10% discount will be calculated and given at the time of the second procedure.

What is included in the Annual Package?

Anti-wrinkle consult and injections by our plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar

12 months of anti-wrinkle injections including an unlimited number of top ups as required

12 months supply of Opalescence GO teeth whitening products

Vectra 3D skin assessment with our expert dermal therapist

10% off all Medispa treatments

Are there any conditions for the Annual Package?

Package pricing is for women. Please add a further 50% to the pricing for men due the larger volume of anti-wrinkle injection that is required.

What is not included in the Annual Package?

Dental Consult, x-ray and clean are not included in the package. This is charged at $350 for your first visit and $250 at your second visit at 6 months. If you have private health insurance then a rebate will apply – please check with your individual private health insurer for the amount of rebate that you will receive based on the level of your cover.

Who will do my Injecting?

Our Australian trained and qualified expert Plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar will do your injecting.

Who will check my teeth and prescribe my teeth whitening?

Our Australian trained and qualified expert cosmetic dentist, Dr Nidhi Berera will check your teeth and prepare you for teeth whitening.

Can I cancel and get a refund for the Annual Package once I have paid for it?

Our Australian trained and qualified expert cosmetic dentist, Dr Nidhi Berera will check your teeth and prepare you for teeth whitening.

Is Finance or Rebates Available?

You can get a refund at any time after paying for your annual package. However, the cost of the teeth whitening products used will be deducted at the non-discounted price and any remaining products will need to be returned to Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary, unopened and in good condition. The number of units of anti-wrinkle injections used on you up till your refund date will also be deducted with the price being calculated at the non-discounted rate.

Where are you located

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary is located at: Level 1/256 Norton Street Leichhardt. NSW 2040. Phone 1300 26 77 26 or email [email protected]

Dr Kumar can also provide injecting from our rooms in: Penrith, Orange and Canberra. Please see our Contact Us page for full location details.